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Affiliate marketing is around for some time now and is known as one of the most popular ways to monetize your website. But did you know that the success of an affiliate marketing business depends on SEO? The main idea behind employing SEO for affiliate marketing is to generate a monthly income by taking a percentage of conversions that are generated for a specific set of products.This case study shows how our SEO campaign helped a declining Amazon Affiliate business transform their overall and traffic sales in just a matter of a few months.

Overview Of The Client

These days, many bloggers look for opportunities in affiliate marketing and start a business from there. All they do is promote Amazon products on their blogs and get a cut if they make a sale through it.

Our client also works in the same way and was looking to take the blog ranking and traffic to the top SERPs. When they contacted us, they had a good business model and a reliable set of visitors, though only 68.

The organic traffic was also working for them. But we had to work on increasing the number of visitors and bring the website in the top SERPs for the organic keywords.

The SEO team of Rankviz analyzed the website success metrics, took over the campaign, and implemented the strategies for online success.

Now when we look back at the results, our team is pretty overwhelmed with all the results that we’ve achieved. Rankviz helped the client’s website rank for the organic keywords, increase the conversions by 9.66%, and build a massive visitor base.

Overview Of The Project

An Amazon-affiliate business website that works in the consumer niche.
To improve the organic traffic, increase the number of visitors, and boost sales.
Start Date
July’7, 2017
End Date
Ongoing. Please read till the end.
17,717 visitors, 365 referring domains, and visibility in top 3 SERPs with 13.5K organic keywords.

How We Started

Handling an SEO campaign for an Amazon Affiliate Website is no easy feat. Although our main focus was to increase the number of visitors and enhance the conversions on the website, we also had to get the website rank in the top search engine result pages. Along with this, we also had to consider that customers will only purchase if the product was persuasive enough.
Here is how we started:

Between January and July 2017, the Amazon affiliate website had organic traffic of 68 visitors and had a limited number of referring domains. We took over the website in somewhat near July 2017.

January 2018 Update (6 Months On)

The affiliate site had organic visitors, but their number was not significant. So, as the first step, we considered fixing all the on-page components of the website. For the first few months, we worked on the website’s structure and crafted it, according to the latest SEO guidelines.

 In just few months, we increased the organic traffic visitor count from 68 to 5000+. We saw an increase in the overall traffic by over 90%.

During these months, we did not build any links or wrote guests posts, but our outreach experts were able to get the visitor count to 5,000+, as can be seen in the image.

July 2018 Update (6 Months On)

Post 6 months of starting the campaign, we were sure on the fact that product promotion on social media or blogs is not going to help. Instead of using our time frame on these tactics, we went up a step and worked on the link building campaigns. We did employ content and SMM, but only to a required limit.

By the time we completed our 1-year mark, we had noticed a significant increase in the overall traffic of all the pages of the website.

In just 12 months, we improved the monthly visit from 68 to 8000+, which was a good 40% increase in the last six months.

For both client and us, it was a remarkable achievement, in terms of all the SEO standards.

Jan 2019 Update (6 Months On)

When we started the project, our main focus was to increase the traffic by 90%, and we already surpassed it in the first six months.
However, we still did not reach our main goal, which was to increase the traffic, get the website in top SERPs for the organic keywords. We then focused on an outreach campaign, which helped us to increase the visitor traffic to 12, 067 visitors.

From the beginning, the organic visitor increased by 99%, andin the last six months, the visitor count increased with 35%, and by this time,significant sales also started to pour in.

By this time, we revised our goals and looked forward to taking the visitor count and website ranking to the next level. Our SEO strategies, both on-page, and off-page were paying off and were giving results, more than we expected.

May 2019 Update (6 Months On)

By the next six months, when we employed all our SEO efforts and leveraged link building campaign, the visitor count shot up to 17, 717, which was massive; considering that the business operated just online. speak volumes about this progress.

Link Building Campaign- Overview

Along with all the on-page SEO strategies, the link campaign played a major role in the entire plan. Our link building approach consisted of getting the links to product pages, the home page, and category pages, from the renowned blogs with high domain authority.

The numbers, which increased organic traffic from 60 to 17,000+  in just a matter of months, speak everything on how we work.

Here are some other results that will walk you through the progress on a number of referring domains and links.

Referring Domains

When we started this project, in 2017, the number of referring domains was quite limited. But as we worked on the campaigns of the website, we leverage the link building campaigns, reached out to the renowned blogs in the affiliate niche and gain backlinks for them.

By the end of May’ 2019, we provided 365 referring domains to the client’s website.

All the backlinks had a significant impact on the overall traffic of the website.


For May’2019, the backlinks to our target client Amazon Affiliate website were over 22,000.

When we started, there were a limited amount of backlinks to the website, but as we worked on the link building campaigns, the number of both referring domains and backlinks went up drastically.

Change in Revenue

While we were working on the project, we also wanted to check and review how the overall revenue changed.

In the beginning, the revenue was just $40, but asnow check out, the sales and conversions are sky-rocketing, reaching to $3,034 and 9.66% respectively.

While we cannot reveal all the information, here is the number of clicks, order, and conversions for three months (from April 01, 2019 to June 30, 2019)


We took long-tail keywords in our arsenal, their LSIs and then focused on the traffic of the website. You can see in the image how we helped the client rank in the top SERPs throughout the campaign.

Right now 30 keywords are on number 1 position of Google, 20 on number 2 and 200 on the first page of Google

Back in July’17, when we took over the website, the pages ranked for a limited number of keywords. But after the completion of SEO and link-building campaigns, the website ranked for over 17000+ keywords.

So whether you are struggling to get in top SERPs, for conversions or sales, get in touch with Rankviz today!

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