As a beginner, one key question that rings into your mind whenever you think of guest posting services is;

What is guest posting and how do I go about it. Well, you’re not alone.

You see, as a determined blogger or a savvy marketer, one surefire way of attracting visitors to your website is by using guest blog posting as a marketing strategy. But, how do you achieve this if you barely know nothing about guest posting?

Well, there’s nothing to worry about, As RankViz is right here to offer you a step-by-step procedure that will help you understand more about blogging and SEO as well as how you can use guest blogging strategy to create high-quality backlinks that will immensely generate traffic.

What Exactly is Guest Blogging?

Just as we mentioned in the introductory part, guest posting is one of the most effective ways of promoting your business, website or blog. In definition:

Guest blog posting also referred to as guest posting is the act of writing totally unique articles to another blog within the industry with a purpose of gaining exposure or generating traffic back to your own blog or website.

The reason why this strategy is gaining popularity among most beginner bloggers is the fact that you’re writing for a high profile blog that has a higher audience as compared to yours.

So, what these blogs do is that they include your content alongside your bio in their blog thus exposing you to thousands of their readers. In return, the backlinks generate traffic back into your blog or website offering you immense guest blogging opportunities.

Although guest posting seems to be easy and fun, there are those guest posting guidelines you must adhere to. One of them is about the content you write. Note that the articles you write must be unique pieces that should not appear anywhere else including in your own blog.

What are the Benefits of Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a marketing strategy that helps you build brand awareness by posting credible content to other sites to attract potential audiences.

This strategy helps you to improve lead generation by attracting new subscribers to your sites. By blogging regularly, guest posting sites tend to build trust while your audience sees you as an expert.

So, for those wondering whether to guest blog or not, here are some major benefits of blogging:

Send quality traffic

One of the major benefits of guest blogging especially in top guest posting sites is the amount of quality traffic it generates back to your site.

Since guest blogging service is considered to be a win-win situation, you stand to benefit the owner’s blog to which you’re sending content and in return, new writers or subscribers are attracted to your site or landing page leading to improved lead generation.

Aids in building your domain name and search engine authority

Another key benefit of guest posting is that it helps you to build your domain name and search engine authority. How does this work? You see, since you’re writing for top guest posting sites that receive thousands of visitors on a daily basis, your site or landing page will automatically rank well in Google through backlinks without you having to invest in any specialized SEO tactics.

Just like “rubbing shoulders with the mighty”, your blog might even land on page one in Google search making blog posting a perfect strategy of building authoritative backlinks back into your blog or website to improve search engine authority.

Builds your online influence

In the world of writing, there are many free guest posting sites looking for guest bloggers to offer new and fresh ideas to what they (blog owners) already have. So, if you have an idea or rather an informative content you want readers to know about, searching for blogging sites that will offer you guest blogging opportunities is the best approach.

This way, you’ll be able to combine your audience with your guest blogging sites’ bigger audience to send your message to thousands of Google users. In return, readers will see you as an expert, a strategy that will help you build your online influence.

Improves your writing

Another benefit of guest blogging in blogs that accept guest posts is improving your writing. If you’ve ever done guest posting before, we believe your articles have once been rejected by bloggers right? An article may sound inspirational, informative or emotional to you but the moment you send it over to blogging sites to be published, the blogger informs you that your content looks horrible.

Although its heart heartbreaking at first, writing a guest blog post for popular blog websites helps you to improve your writing by proofreading and making serious edits to improve the quality before submission.

Grow your social media following

Apart from just generating traffic back into your blogs or websites, guest posting also helps to build your social media profiles through including a link which subscribers can use to follow you on your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

Get useful feedback from your audience

If you’re working all by yourself, you’ll never know whether what you’re doing it right or wrong as everything seems right in your own personal opinion. But, the moment you start offering guest posting services to popular blogging websites, that’s the moment you begin to understand yourself better as you’re now exposed to new audiences who don’t know or care about you.

Whether it’s being criticized or being appreciated, the fact is that these audiences give honest opinions which will help you improve your work strategically making you a better version each day.

Increase your brand awareness

Like we mentioned earlier, guest blogging SEO is a two-sided sword that cuts on both sides. On one side, it benefits guest blogging sites with new and fresh content while on the other; it exposes you to thousands of new audiences thus helping you to build brand awareness. As you continue guest posting to other sites, more readers will start getting attracted to your blog to see what you have to offer leading to increased exposure.

Is Guest Blogging good for Bloggers?

Well, the simple answer is yes. So long as you follow guest posting guidelines, guest blogging can be a valuable strategy that can benefit your business, blog or brand in multiple ways. As we mentioned earlier, blogging is all about writing fresh content for another blog.

If your audience read the same thing over and over, they tend to get bored. However, if you provide them with new and fresh perspectives, you’ll generally keep them engaged. This is why guest blogging is great for both the writer and the blogger to whose site you’re writing for as both of you will stand to benefit immensely.

Guest Blogging Strategy that Really Works

As a guest blogger, it’s highly important to understand that you’re not the only one that gains from guest blogging but also the blog that’s hosting you. Since content creation is what guest posting sites need, guest posting service is hence beneficial to most site owners as it helps them meet their daily content target.

So, if you’re a beginner or simply an expert looking to deliver high-quality guest post-placement, here’s a step-by-step strategy that will raise your guest blogging opportunities.

What are your goals?

Just like any other business strategy, guest post SEO or rather guest blogging requires you to design a structure that starts by knowing your goals. Similar to benefits, which we mentioned earlier, your guest blogging goals will include things like; driving traffic, building brand awareness, improving SEO and increasing the number of followers in your social media accounts.

Therefore, with a goal in mind, you’ll be able to set your priorities right while still building trust to new audiences who are curious to know about you.

Create a list of guest blogging sites you wish to write for

There are many creative ways you can employ to find top guest posting sites that will be happy to accept your posts. Although there are many guest bloggers wanted for guest posting services, here are some of these strategies you can use to land on popular guest blogging sites.

Google search strings

If you’re looking for blog opportunities, Google is the perfect place to start as it offers you a strategy to search for specific keyword combinations to show specific pages. Since your main target is to search for blogs that accept guest posts, here are some keyword searches you can use.

[Keyword] + search engine parameter

[Keyword] + “write for us”

[Keyword] + “guest post”

[Keyword] + “want to write for”

[Keyword] + “guest author”

[Keyword] + “submit post”

[Keyword] + “become an author”

[Keyword] + “become a contributor”

Google reverse image search

In this technique, all you have to do is simply to identify a blogger who’s an expert in the industry or niche you’re blogging for. When you find one, go to their bio and copy-paste his/her image URL in Google’s reverse image search box.

When you’re done, hit enter and you’ll be presented with all the guest posting sites which that particular blogger has guest blogged for.

Twitter search

Most guest bloggers who’re happily blogging for free guest posting sites are likely to share their latest blogs in social media networks. One of the easiest to use is Twitter. Here, you’ll only need to run a Twitter search by typing in the keyword “guest post” to find the latest tweets about guest posts in your category.

Try AllTop dot com

By using tools such as AllTop.com, all you need to do is simply type in your keyword and the niche you’re specializing on. Press enter and you’ll find a list of webmasters. Contact them to find out whether they accept guest blog posting.

Blog commenting

This is another strategy you can use to land on blogs that are looking for guest bloggers. Has anyone commented on your blog posts? If yes, then it’s a clear sign that somebody somewhere is acknowledging your posts.

So, instead of stopping there, why not go a step further and interact with the bloggers and later on ask them to allow you guest post on their sites?

Try to reverse engineer your competitor’s backlinks

Competitor’s backlink is a strategy that allows you to search for your competitor’s backlinks to find guest blogging content they’ve written. By using backlink tracking tools such as Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and RankWatch, you can be able to track referral link sources of your competitors to find blogging and SEO sites they’ve been blogging for.

Connect with site owner(s)

You might have tried to connect with people earlier and failed? So what is the solution to this?

Before you think of a guest post-placement, the first thing is to connect with the target site owner. You can do this by forging a relationship that is cemented by trust. Now, how do you build this trust? Well, it’s very easy. You only need to follow them on Twitter and like as well as comment on their work.

Another strategy is knowing the kind of content site owners like as well as their audience. You can achieve this by reading their content to understand the type of blogs they publish. By doing this, you’ll build trust and become one of the trusted guest bloggers.

Get your topic ready

At this time, we assume you already have a list of guest posting sites that will accept your blogs. In this step, we’re going to separate the wheat from the chaff by filtering those sites that can offer blog opportunities. If you’re a beginner, look for those authority sites that aren’t that popular as they have more chances of accepting your work.

Prepare to pitch your guest blog post

If you want your guest blogging strategy to succeed, then you have to understand how to craft winning pitches that will interest your guest blog owner. So, when preparing to pitch, here are a few things you need to consider.

Familiarize yourself with the blog’s content

This is very important as it acts as an eye-opener before you commence writing. Blogging websites have different tastes when it comes to blogging. So, to boost your blog opportunities, you need to familiarize yourself with the guest blogs you’re looking to write for in terms of;

  • ·The type of audience they write for
  • Level of audience that visits their sites (beginners, experts or intermediaries)
  • Type of blogs they write (lists, general posts or tutorials)

Read existing guest posts to rate yourself

This is a very critical factor that can act as a game-changer for your guest blogging opportunity. Read existing posts to rate yourself and see whether you’re ready for the challenge. Secondly, check whether other guest bloggers are doing well here.

You see, some sites might accept guest blogging SEO but the audience only trusts the blog’s owner and not the guest bloggers. In this case, it will be difficult to build authority and generate traffic back to your sites since none of the audience is willing to welcome and appreciate you.

Understand who existing guest bloggers are

This is a very wise approach to pitch preparation. Here, you need to know the type of guest bloggers that blog regularly in your preferred site. You can do this by perusing through their blogger bios to determine whether they’re fellow bloggers, freelance writers, consultants or business owners.

Find out which topics sell well

This is another surefire way of warming up a guest blog owner to ensure that he/she accepts your work. To get ideas of topics to write on, you simply need to read through the available blogs to see which topics do well with their audience.

From there, pitch the blog owner with fresh interesting topics which you believe will add real value to the audience.

Blog regularly to become familiar

Finally, to increase your chances of success, you need to become a familiar face by demanding some recognition from the blog’s owner. The best way to achieve this is simply by commenting on their latest posts on their social media pages and also by sharing their posts on Twitter. This way, they won’t view you as a stranger.

Start writing quality guest blogs

Once bloggers accept your pitch, the next phase is to commence writing. If you’re a beginner, I believe it may be confusing to craft a high-quality guest blog post right? Luckily in this section, we’re going to highlight some important steps you’ll need to follow along the way.

Craft an interesting heading

Even if you already pitched the idea to the blog’s owner, crafting more staller headlines won’t hurt as it provides you and the blog’s owner with alternatives which they’ll love even more.

Research relevant key phrases to drive traffic

Just like how you do it in your own site, researching keywords for your guest post content is really helpful as it aids in driving traffic to their sites.

When searching for core phrases to optimize your guest post SEO, you don’t have to stuff the keywords but rather use them naturally. This helps Google search engine to rate your content as relevant thus allowing it to rank highly.

Link appropriately

When writing a guest post, you need to include relevant internal and external links to the post you’re writing to help it generate a great link profile. This is a huge opportunity for your guest blog to rank well in Google while still building authority.

Suggest and add relevant images

Adding images is a huge plus when writing a guest blog post. They help to break down your post into small readable sections and help to illustrate ideas in a simpler way for readers to understand. However, before adding the images, always remember to discuss with the site owners to know which images are best for adding.

Format the post appropriately

After writing your post, it’s good practice to format it according to the site’s demands. Always peruse through other contents to know how they format their contents (such as using bold text, italics, headings etc). This is a great opportunity to popularize yourself with the site’s owner.

Craft a compelling guest bio (with backlinks)

The guest bio is the final section of your guest posting strategy where you get to rip the fruits of your hard work. This is where you get to include backlinks to your blog, landing page or product page for promotional purposes. Note that; the strategy you use to craft the bio will greatly impact your guest blogging goals.

  • ·For instance, if your goal is to get quality backlinks back to your page, simply include links back to your page.
  • ·If its traffic generation back to your page, include links back to your landing page.
  • If your goal is to get followers to your social media pages, include a link with a call-to-action (Follow me on [Twitter or Facebook])

Follow up

This strategy includes putting together some major points we’ve already highlighted in this guide. Things like reading other guest posts on the site you’re writing for will help you to familiarize yourself with the writing structure that the blog’s owner likes.

There’s also the issue of promoting your guest post by requesting readers to follow you on social media channels and also tracking your success by using tools such as Google Analytics.

Useful tips when blogging in top guest posting sites

Now that you’ve learned everything about guest posting, this section will provide a handful of pro tips which we’ve compiled over the years. With these tips, your guest blogging strategy will be more successful and more surefire than ever before. Please read through our list.

Understand that more comments equals more traffic

Yes! The rule is simple. Always look for sites that attract more readers. This is because, the more the readers are, the more comments you’ll get hence the greater the traffic will be.

Prepare to write daily

One article isn’t enough. Writing more and more guest posts will lead to real success as readers will have something new to benefit from leading to more and more comments. The more the comments are, the better it is for your guest blogging strategy.

Track your success

To know how your guest blogging strategy is working, you need to track your success. Here, you can use tools such as Google Analytics which measure the level of traffic in your landing pages.

Be responsive

This is a blackbelt strategy that will surely work and help you meet your guest posting goals. Being responsive not only shows cutesy, but it also helps you to foam a connection with the new audience which helps you generate traffic back to your site.

Promote your guest blogs

Content promotion is another key strategy that will make you a successful guest blogger. Here, you can use strategies such as email marketing newsletters or simply share your posts on social media such as Twitter then add a call-to-action informing subscribers to follow and comment.

Guest blogging SEO Wrap Up

So, if you’ve read this guide and your posts have been published in high tier blogs, then congratulations! However, it doesn’t end there. To boost your success rate, you need to maintain consistency by following up.

You can achieve this by sharing your guest post SEO on major social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Linkedln. Also, don’t forget to respond to subscribers’ comments as this is one strategy that helps you to connect and interact with your followers.

With that said, we wish you a happy guest blogging experience and in case you’d like to share your experience or maybe add a point or two to what we’ve already said, then you’re welcome to type in our comment section below.